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Common Causes of Your Chronic Back Pain

▲ Sitting for Hours

Is Hurting 

Your Back And Discs

 ▲ Wrong Stretches 

for Tight Back Muscles After Workout

 Bad Posture Causes 

Your Spine To Compress

Your Average Back Stretcher Redefined.

① Ergonomic Design

IsoSpine’s curved design mimics the natural curve of the spine.

It perfectly supports your back and allows you to get a proper back stretch and 

to relax tight back muscles when you lie on it.

② Acupressure Massage Points

40 acupressure massage points massage your tight muscles along the spine. Their bump design allows you to reach the trigger point and stimulate the deeper muscle tissues.

③ Rolling Pad

Place the included rolling pad under IsoSpine.

It makes IsoSpine swing like a seesaw so that you can move your lower back 

back and forth along the spine and do more advanced back stretches.

Choose The Right Tool for Your Back!

Traditional Foam Roller


IsoSpine: How experts think_Interview

Dr. Brandon Van Seters Gravity Spinal Chiropractic, California

How To Use


Put IsoSpine on the floor or on 

a yoga mat.


Lie down on IsoSpine to stretch and massage your back to help relieve back pain.


Follow the tutorial videos or instructions for more advanced back stretches.

Is IsoSpine for me?

Who experiences back pain 

more than once a week

Who think massage feels like an unaffordable luxury

Who works at a desk 

more than 4hrs a day

Who barely has time for back exercise

↑  Who does heavy workout

↑ Who thinks foam rolling doesn't work


FAQ1. Isn't it a bit painful with all the protruded pins? 

It won't be that painful as your body weight will be evenly distributed on the 40 pressuring pins.

Many of our testers reported that it was relaxing rather than painful.

If the pain feels much during the initial adaptation period, simply place a towel on and you are good to go!

FAQ2. Can anyone use the product regardless of their height?

The product can be used by people who are 5.3 - 6.5 feet tall.

You can even adjust the height of the product with the enclosed rolling pad to make it fit your body better.     

FAQ3. Is there a recommended usage time?

No issue was reported during the test for extended time. However, we recommend you use it for 10-15 minutes, considering time-effectiveness. It is also recommended you use it twice a day, both in the morning and the evening. 

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